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Some of us
wish our eyes
would never open
to see the daylight
while some of us
are fighting so hard
for another second,
another moment,
another morning,
another day.

battle those demons
in your mind
and befriend those monsters
under your bed
and live with the skeletons
in your closet
and throw away
that knife you hold onto so dearly
and flush those pills
down the toilet.

There are people
who do not get to see another summer,
ones who do not get to
taste one more snowflake
in the midst of winter.
Do not take your life
for granted.
Do not sit there
and drown yourself in misery.

and keep swimming
until you find the shoreline.

Hi Nancy, I hope you get to read this in heaven. And I hope it’s sunny wherever you are right now because New York City weather isn’t the best right now.

This is for you.

A Story A Day #208 by M.D.L

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